Senso Unico, beeswax and raw pigment on paper, 38x50 in, 1981
Lines for 5 voices and a rib chop, oil, pigment, oil crayon, wax on canvas. 60x48 in, 1982
Sine Wave, oil on canvas, 72x36 in, 1980
Blue Monk II, oil and wax on canvas, 41x86 in, 1984
Hopi, oil, wax, sand on canvas, 36.25x60 in, 1980
Pythias lines, clay, pastel, oil crayon, and wax on paper, 50x38 in, 1982
Seer, graphite, pigment, wax, pastel on paper, 37.8x50.4 in, 1980
Sine Wave 2, oil on canvas, 72x38 in, 1980
Straight Line to the Good Thing,, beeswax, raw pigment, watercolor on paper, 38x50 in, 1981
Senza titlo pigment, wax, chalk on canvas 41 x 82in, 1981

Early Work