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FOLD COLOR REPLAY - Press Release, 2002

rain kiss on me back
Balter Gallery of the Garrison Art Center
April 7 - May 6, 2012

A continuing theme in my work is the brushstroke and its multiple returns. Repetition of the stroke gives the work life and breath, opening the space of painting against stylized gesture and the banality of skill. Like steady breathing interrupted by a hiccup. Or like the phenomenon of the steady tempo of passing through shadows on a tree lined street causing photosensitivity seizures. My awkward tools de-skill expectations with the accidents of my reach and touch. To dislodge my paintings from a fixed stance, I count on chance. I use prints, strokes, drips, smears found in the studio process. Taken as “ready-mades”, they express my faith in the given. I pinch my titles from James Joyce's hilarious, encyclopedic and neverending Finnegan's Wake. The show title, rain kiss on me back, expresses the fluidity of love and loss that is painting for me.